Why work for PEAR

Our Vision:

PEAR strives to leave a positive and uplifting impact in the lives of our clients by producing high quality products and tools that can enhance projects, and meet the highest standard for your business. We are dedicated to building our business by fostering healthy and productive working relationships while uplifting the communities we work in to cement a sustainable future in the media monitoring, analysis, and research environment. All our media monitoring is done in-house with our resources, including all relevant software that is designed in-house. PEAR does not make use of any aggregators as we feel developing our own products is critical in our long-term employment plan to increase employment levels in PEAR with seven (7) percent per year.

We Strive To Be:


We tell the truth always


We listen to our clients and always do our best to service them and meet their needs.


We do our jobs through dedication in order to reach the all goals, deadlines, and targets set out by our clients. We have never missed a confirmed dead line.


We constantly push our own boundaries as an industry leader by introducing new and exciting products to the market. Proudly designed by South Africans for the world market.


We support, trust, and care for just not each other but our industry.

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