Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) has been an industry leader in the field of media monitoring and analysis solutions since 2009. PEAR – a 100% black female owned and B-BBEE Level 1 company – is based in Johannesburg with a national footprint which has made us the choice for many of the country’s most respected brands and companies.

DALRO compliant and a member of the South African Media Monitoring and Measurement Association (SAMMA), PEAR works in partnership with media and communications professionals from various industries to ensure you have the cutting edge needed to inform and drive strategy within your brand. Our 24/7 dedicated tracking and reporting on the South African, and global media space, gives you the advantage you need to best position your brand in an ever-changing marketplace.

Access to your media coverage is available round the clock through our secure Media Monitoring Platform, and gives you, the client, control of what you see on a day to day basis based on your brand’s specific needs. PEAR’s dedicated team of experienced media and data analysts develop and accessibly package the insights your brand needs to help navigate and plan your media presence in the form of daily, weekly or monthly reports.

PEAR Media Monitoring & Analysis offers:

Traditional Media Monitoring

PEAR monitors print, broadcast, and online media across the Southern Africa media landscape, while keeping a close eye on international coverage to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Social Media Monitoring

Our PEAR web-trackers make sure that major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even smaller blog sites are tracked around the clock to ensure maximum exposure of your brand. We are also continuously adding more influential platforms to our growing stable of social media trackers as the industry evolves.

Ad Tracking

PEAR measures the value of your advertising and ensures that you receive value for money when positioning your advertisements across all media channels.

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Back Dated Searching

In an evolving tech-driven media space it’s easy to miss mention or coverage of your brand, but don’t stress – If you’ve missed it, we’ll find it! PEAR offers clients a comprehensive back-search function across print, broadcast and online media to ensure that even missed exposure is turned into recorded brand impact.

Media Analysis Reporting

Using our internationally published methodology, PEAR drills down into your coverage giving you fresh insights and market-driven meaning to your data by offering comprehensive and customised media analysis paced with your own reporting schedules.

Media Strategy and Content Development

PEAR’s content development services deliver impactful communication strategies that contribute to a strong media presence and clear performance indicators.

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Print: South Africa 3000+ publications
Broadcast: 120+ Stations
Online: 966 million websites globally
Twitter: 340 million tweets global daily
Facebook: 900 million objects that people share monthly and more than 30 billion pieces of content shared each month
Instagram: 50 million images and videos tracked daily
YouTube: Over 50 channels tracked, more added on request
Blogs: 2 million blog post on average per day

Leadership Team

Wayne Sukhu
Wayne SukhuBroadcast Manager
Wayne has over 12 years’ experience in the media monitoring industry. With the technical knowledge from his IT qualification and more recently, his Data Analysis qualification, Wayne is tuned to knowing the best broadcast mediums and value they bring.

He manages a team of broadcast loggers, ensuring the best results and quality coverage delivered to our clients.

Rokunda Nemauluma
Rokunda Nemauluma Production Manager
Rokunda is extensively skilled, with experience in excess of 4 years in the media and project management fields, which also includes IT. He has developed himself to be a thorough professional, with relevant managerial and technical skills gained, including a Diploma in Media Techniques, a Certificate in Java Programming, and a BA Degree in Psychology, which is currently in progress. He is responsible for managing the overall production of the company, and ensures optimal productivity of departments, delivery, and team play between employees on, a daily basis.
Samantha Isaacs
Samantha IsaacsPrint Production Manager
Samantha’s Human Resource and Operational experience ensures efficiency and assists in the main-stream management of all print publications on a daily basis. With 11 years’ experience, six of which is in Human Resources and five in Operations, Samantha is skilled and equipped to balance and drive the print production Department.

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