Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) has developed as a forerunner in the field of consultancy and management solutions since our inception in 2009. PEAR – a 100% black female owned and B-BBEE Level 1 company – is based in Johannesburg with a national footprint which has made us the choice for many of the country’s most respected brands and companies.

Our experienced consultants pride themselves in developing cost-effective and targeted solutions to best optimise your business to reaching its goals. As no two brands or companies are the same, our agile, forward-thinking and tailored solutions are developed with your business needs in mind.

PEAR Consultancy & Management Services offer:

Business Infotech Analysis

PEAR assesses your infotech, business processes and management functions to formulate an IT framework that best suits your work-flow, making sure your company stays ahead of the curve and functioning at full capacity.

Custom Intelligent Solutions

PEAR offers cutting-edge workflow systems that are fully automatable and remain responsive through machine-learning to give you the data you need to improve decision making, workflow and maximise the efficiency of processes running in your business.

IT Strategy and Implementation

PEAR strives to help you reach your company’s full potential by giving you the tools you need to have the competitive edge in your industry through improved IT infrastructure and evolutionary technology solutions that are anything but generic.

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Custom APP Development

PEAR has your app development dreams covered all the way from conception to market delivery – let’s work together to DESIGN, DEPLOY and DOWNLOAD!

Communication Strategy

PEAR’s custom communication strategies are tailored to help give your business what it needs to shape your brand’s message and to broaden your market reach and is why many top companies choose us to get their message out to their clients.

Business Consultancy

PEAR’s customised and proven analysis-based approach to consulting will guide your business towards growth from the inside out and to identify key outcomes and the roadmap forward you need towards the exponential growth and success your business deserves.

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Leadership Team

Charl Nel
Charl NelInfotech Consultant
Charl is actively involved in the development of PEAR’s IT infrastructure. He is also a key component in the development of core business functions and frameworks that has set PEAR’s technological contributions apart from the rest of the industry.

Charl has proficiency in technical and mathematical fields from GIS and has more than 12 years’ experience in Media Monitoring processes, production and business administration.

Dr Jaco Pienaar
Dr Jaco PienaarResearch Consultant
Jaco contribution relates to organisational development, media research and analysis, knowledge management, research, data management, methodological design, information systems, process development, systems thinking and project management.

He has experience with multinational clients and companies across all industries, including FMCG, financial, technological, media, oil and gas, natural resources, public relations, government, academic and automotive.

He has completed his PhD in Information and Knowledge Management, and his experience in industry mapping, media insight and measurement, adds great value to our team.

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