In a move designed to reflect the growing importance of the digital landscape and provide its clients with a unique monitoring differentiator, Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) has introduced a new online advertising value equivalency (AVE) methodology.

Designed and mathematically modelled by PEAR CIO, Charl Nel, the new methodology not only looks at, as is the industry tradition, banner advertising rates, but also integrates reach and credibility into the calculation. This means that the AVE value received provides agencies and their clients with a truer reflection of the actual impact and value of the Web site on which the coverage appears.

“Looking at international measurement standards and the nature of online media as a medium, a more qualitative approach for measurement is essential. In the traditional sense, AVE is becoming more outdated when it comes to new media space,” says Nel.

Media monitoring has always been about frequency and reach. This has not been accounted for in online measurement.

“The new PEAR methodology is an important step in terms of more accurately reflecting these elements. As a result, companies can focus on developing online strategies that are significantly more effective and gain much better coverage than before,” he adds.

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