In a move designed to further diversify its product offering, Professional Evaluation and Research (PEAR) has launched its Content division providing customers across industries with content development and strategic communication services.

“PEAR has built an enviable reputation as one of the market leaders in media analysis and research. It therefore made sense to introduce a compelling content offering as the means to provide its clients with a completely integrated solution. PEAR Content presents the ideal platform where research meets analysis meets content creation,” says Iwan Pienaar, head of PEAR Content.

In addition to copy writing services that include media releases, thought leadership articles, case studies, and White Papers, the new division will provide social media content and community management, crisis communication management, content strategy development and implementation, and workshops around media, social media, and content development.

“Even though content is still king, we are seeing more companies struggle with relevancy in the pursuit of coverage and engagement. As specialists who understand the intricacies of customised writing development, PEAR has the benefit of being able to analyse market trends and draw on a wealth of historical data to ensure customers receive the best possible copy for their needs.”

This sees much closer integration with meeting the business requirements of an organisation instead of being contained in a separate ‘marketing and communications’ silo. In addition, PEAR Content will also provide clients with two free media releases a month as an additional value add.

“In our experience, the value of a media release is often directly proportional to the quality of exposure gained. By providing our valued customers with this innovative free offering, we are showing them we want to work closely with them in aligning their communication requirements with their business goals. Communication does not happen in a vacuum. It is time to take South African content market by the horns and show what can be done when things are aligned to world class analysis and research,” concludes Pienaar.

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Iwan Pienaar
083 974 6287